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Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.

-Abigail Adams

Proactive and Student-Focused


Advising Philosophy

As an advisor, I see my primary goal as supporting students in pursuing their academic goals. I also believe that part of supporting students is to foster self-advocacy by encouraging students to be engaged, informed, and pro-active. In addition to assisting students with course selection and registration, I also assist students with broader concerns, such as navigating university policies, discussing career pathways, and identifying personal strengths, abilities, and learning styles. I believe in a proactive approach to advising, maintaining regular contact with students through regular outreach campaigns and building relationships by being accessible, responsive, and honest.  


Having experienced university life as both a young student entering college for the first time and as an adult student returning to higher education after pursuing professional interests, I feel I am able to understand a wide range of student concerns and speak to students from a position of personal experience. Lower-level students often need support in adapting to college life and learning to balance new freedoms with new responsibilities. They are often unaware of the myriad opportunities for personal development available through the university system, such as student government, study abroad, job shadowing, and internships. I am also acutely aware of the concerns and issues faced by upper-level and non-traditional students. Non-traditional students, in particular, often feel isolated from university life and need encouragement to participate more fully in opportunities for training, networking, and leadership. 



In 2008, after a 20-year career in the restaurant industry I decided to return to school to complete my Bachelor's degree. Since I was unsure of where this new path would take me, I decided to pursue a degree in History, studying formally what I read for fun. That led me to a Master's program, also in History, but with a special focus on Modern Britain and on gender and sexuality. After completing my Master's, I decided to pursue a career in academic advising, joining the University of San Antonio in 2013 as an Academic Advisor.




Throughout my academic career, as both a student and as an advisor, I have focused on team-building, collaboration, and problem-solving. From small projects like organizing a day trip for history graduate students to tour the San Antonio Missions to large projects like designing and implementing a new program for working with students on academic probation, I enjoy identifying a need and finding an innovative way to fulfill it. 


Academia can be isolating. 'Silo mentality' affects both academic departments and administrative offices, inhibiting communication and limiting opportunities for collaboration. Throughout my academic career, I have actively sought to create bridges between departments, disciplines, and university offices.