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Resume & Research


 I have loved history since Mrs. Longley introduced me to Eleanor of Aquitaine in the 8th grade. It was the first time I saw a historical figure as a real person with a real story. From that point, I greedily consumed popular history and historical fiction, but decided to pursue a degree in Psychology during my first round of undergraduate studies, I enjoyed the subject, but was a terrible student, generally preferring socializing to studying. It surprised exactly no one when I left school without finishing my degree. 

On returning to school in 2008 as an adult, I decided to just study what I loved. At the undergraduate level and later at the Master's level, I learned to be not just an enthusiastic consumer of history, but a producer of history. As a historian, I am most interested in women's history, especially how the reality of women's lived lives differs from the accepted narratives. My area of research is gender and sexuality in Britain, specifically courtesan and celebrity culture in 18th and early-19th century London. Please see the attached CV for details.


During my five years in advising, I have worked with a broad cross-section of student students, from first-year freshman to graduating seniors, from first-generation students to post-baccalaureate students, and in majors across Social Sciences including Political Science, Global Affairs, Politics and Law, Geography, Communication, Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology. This experience has taught me to adapt as necessary to meet the needs of the student in front me and I believe this adaptability is one of my greatest strengths as an advisor. Please see the attached resume for details.