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P.A.S. Program (Partnership for Academic Success)

This program is a proactive approach to working with students struggling academically. By creating a framework for timely, graduated, and strategic intervention, we sought to provide students with the tools to improve their performance as early as possible, rather than allowing students to incur academic and financial deficits from which they may be unable to recover.

Freshman Orientation

As students' first introduction to academic advising, freshman orientation is extremely important. Because of the limited time and because students are already dealing with information overload, it is crucial to find the right balance between welcoming students to university life and introducing students to the reality of being college students. Our orientation program evolved along with technology, allowing us to create a dynamic, interactive presentation that highlights the pitfalls students can fall into and strategies for avoiding them.

Scholarship Development

New technology allows advisors to target increasingly specific student populations, allowing for a more focused approach to intrusive advising. Historically, student outreach has largely focused on at-risk or low-performing students. This project focuses on bringing outreach to high-performing, but under-served students to foster self-determination by introducing academic opportunities and connecting them to scholarship development offices.

Ongoing Outreach & Tracking

One of the hallmarks of proactive advising is regular outreach. Determining which students will most benefit from that outreach relies on regularly tracking student performance and progress. Each semester, I create lists for outreach: some are based on number of hours, some on performance, some simply on time since last appointment. This regular tracking, and regular contact, allows me to identify trends and intervene before a small problem can become a larger, more intractable issue. Please see attached for an example.