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In any large organization, it is all too easy to stay cocooned within our teams, our offices. It often takes deliberate effort to reach beyond our silos and engage with the wider professional community.  By working with colleagues from throughout the university, we not only establish working relationships that  make problem-solving considerably easier, you also make new friends.


Academic Advising Council

Worked to proactively identify problems facing students, advising, and administrative offices and establish working relationships with university offices to collaborate on solutions

Strategic Planning Group

Designed and implemented an advising-wide series of discussion groups to produce a strategic plan for advising, identify best practices, and advocate for the advising community throughout the university system

UTSA Staff Council

Served as a member of the Staff Council Executive Committee and Chair of the Issues Committee, researching policy questions on behalf of university staff members, as well as Event Planning and Fundraising Committees

EAB/SSC Implementation

Worked with an advising-wide working group to evaluate, test, and make recommendations for improvements as EAB/Navigate was built and implemented throughout UTSA



Founder and manager of a departmental mentoring program pairing advanced undergraduate and incoming graduate students with advanced graduate students. This program sought to enhance the student experience by providing motivated students with advice and information about the department, the field, and graduate study


I joined the executive committee of my chapter of Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society) during my first semester in the graduate program. Over the next 3 years, I served as Historian (managing social media & ccommunications), Vice President, and President. Working together over the next 3 years, my colleagues and I grew the organization, increased fundraising, organized and oversaw innumerable events, and founded a professional conference.


Founding organizer and host of what became Texas State University's annual History Graduate Student Conference. This event provided advanced undergraduate and graduate students from across the country the opportunity to take part in a professional conference (peer reviewed papers, formal presentation, etc) in a supportive environment.